BEST Course in Summer

Dreaming about the stars? Design your journey into space!

Brno University of Technology
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JULY 10 - 18 2024

BRNO, Czechia

Space engineering

Do you want to know the key principles behind successful missions in space exploration?

Enthusiastic about overseeing space endeavors?

Excited about crafting and orchestrating your satellite project this summer?

BEST Course in Summer

Dreaming about the stars? Design your journey into space!

Embark on a cosmic journey with us and explore the fascinating realm of space and satellites! Join us in our stellar city of Brno for an immersive learning experience unlike any other. Our team of celestial experts will guide you through the intricacies of satellite projects, from conceptualization to execution, without the gravitational pull of stress.

But it’s not all about the academic voyage! We’ll also take you on captivating excursions to discover the wonders of our beautiful city and arrange unforgettable cosmic parties under the stars.

Apply now and launch yourself into becoming the ultimate satellite expert of the summer of ’24!

The Galactical Dragons of LBG Brno eagerly await your cosmic arrival!

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Survival guide

Here is the document where you can find out what will be needed to bring with you to the course, various ways of reaching Brno and also useful and interesting information about Brno and the whole Czech Republic.


Are you curious about what will you experience during our course? Here you can find an approximate timetable of all the activities – an entertaining academical part as well as great social program awaits you.


Coming soon: Preliminary materials for the course workshops and list of topics that the course will cover. This short list will tell you everything you need to get started. Additional materials will be provided during the course.



Lukáš Patrnčiak

Main organiser


Kateřina Vamberská

Main organiser


Eliška Poláčková

Participant responsible

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Lukáš Medvecký

Social responsible


Ondřej Procházka

PR responsible


Filip Botlo

FR responsible


Igor Smatana


The location will be...

The Beautiful Brno

Brno is the largest Moravian city and the second largest city in the Czech Republic, it’s population is approx. 370 000 inhabitants. The city is situated in a picturesque countryside, surrounded on three sides by wooded hills and opening to the Southern Moravian lowlands to the south of the city. In the north, the city is guarded by the foothils of the Drahany and Bohemian-Moravian ranges.

BEST Brno, local group of international BEST, was founded at Brno University of Technology in 2005 as a first of its kind in Czechia.

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The course is held under the auspices of the Brno University of Technology.

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Lukáš Patrnčiak

Main organiser

Kateřina Vamberská

Main organiser

Eliška Poláčková

Participant responsible

Matěj Mitana

BEST Brno President

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