BEST Symposia on Education:

STEM Wars: The Design returns!

4th July - 12th. July. 2019
Brno University of Technology

This is 2nd BSE proudly served by LBG Brno. This year even better! Again


Brno is student city. Come and see everything it offers.

Join us to help Students with disabilites and involve them to STEM. You can’t find a better place than the oldest technical university in The Czech Republic.  

General info

Enjoy the Summer and help someone at the same time!

On this course you will research and design methods to effectively involve students with various disabilites to education system. Despite the fact he have very serious and importent topic this year, our Course won’t lack a lot fun a good summer wibes!

Do you know what does the STEM mean?


You don’t? Well, actually it doesn’t matter!

Summer courses are focused on personal development in non formal atmosphere. Our goal is help to you move further and explore new challenges.

Come to visit a lovely and beautiful city and learn more with our experts from Brno University of Technology. We will provide you fun, great parties and interesting trips. You will meet new people and make new friends. Simply the BEST time of your summer.

The Dragons from BEST Brno are waiting for you.


Main Organiser

Petra Výbohová


Vice Organiser

Lenka Staroňová


Social responsible

Zdenďa Kroupa


FR + Grants responsible

Kuba Musil


Marketing responsible

Honza Charvát


Useful links


Here is the document where you can find out what will be needed to bring with you to the course, various ways of reaching Brno and also useful and interesting information about Brno and the whole Czech Republic.



Are you curious about what will you experience during our course? Here you can find an approximate timetable of all the activities that you will experience. You will experience both an entertaining academical part as well as great social program.



Materials and the list of topics which the course will deal with. All in a brief list for your information.




Do you miss something from the sessions? Click here and watch any presentation again!

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Contact us

Main organiser

Petra Výbohová


petra.vybohova( at )

Participant responsible

Lenka Staroňová


staron.lenny( at )

BEST Brno President

Veronika Koukalová


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